Changing Dynamics of India-Bangladesh Relations (Dhaka Team College Visit)

A Lecture-cum-Interaction programme on “Changing Dynamics of India-Bangladesh Relations” was organised by the Department of Political Science on 14 October 2016. In this programme, a 10-members team of Professors and students of Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh participated. Prof. K. B. Sharma, the Principal, S. S. Jain Subodh P. G. (Autonomous) College, welcomed the Bangladeshi delegation and introduced the theme of the programme. From Bangladeshi delegation, Prof. Asha Islam Nayeem gave a lecture on “Bangladesh Liberation Movement and India’s Role”. She also spoke on the common cultural and historical values and their role in the strengthening of India-Bangladesh relations. Prof. Aksadul Alam made a presentation on “Role of Geographical Factors in India-Bangladesh Relations”. He said that East Bengal (present Bangladesh) played a crucial role in India’s relations with Southeast Asian region. Prof. Surma Zakaria Choudhury talked about people-to-people relations and cultural connections between India and Bangladesh. The students from Dhaka University named Ms. Choudhury Farahnaz Priyanka (M.A.), Mr. Baki Billah (M.A.), Ms. Tabassum Akter Tithi (M.A.), Mr. Tasnim Alam (M.A.), Ms. Monira Masrura (M.A.), Ms. Halima Khatun (M.A.), Ms. Merina Sultana (M.A.) also exchanged their views with students and faculty members. The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. D. K. Verma, the Vice-Principal. The Convenor of the Programme was Dr. Rajesh Rawat, Head of the Department of Political Science and Co-convenor was Dr. Pushpa Gautam.

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