A Lecture On "High Tech Electronics and Laser"

Department of Physics organised a lecture on ‘High Tech Electronics and Laser’ which was taken by Dr. Neeraj Gupta Head, Department of Physics, Govt. College, Chamanpura on December 7th 2016 in our esteemed institution, Subodh P.G. (Autonomous) College, Jaipur. Dr. Subhash Agarwal Head, Department of Physics welcome’s Dr. Gupta by presenting bouquet. M.Sc.(Physics) students found different ways to learn concepts of physics and this lecture helped them in findings their carrier in field of electronics. Dr. Gupta’s guidance would help them in every decision of their successful life and carrier. He filled every second of the lecture with the wide information of latest technologies, and said that it is more on the basis of physics. Dr. Subhash Agarwal gave vote of thanks to Dr. Neeraj Gupta and appreciated him for the nice and interesting lecture. The programme was ended with the rhyme of the national anthem.

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