Pallavan 2016-Fresher Party (Department of Science)

An event where feet started tapping, music flowed within the body and the whole environment became most entertaining, yes of course it was the fresher’s party “Pallavan 2016” organised by the Science Department on 18th November for U.G. students. Various spellbinding cultural activities such as Dances, Songs, Retro Songs, Rap on Deshbhakti, Mimicries, Poems and Most Message full Dramas entertained the whole audience. Other than Mr. & Miss Fresher many other title like Mr. & Miss Personality, Mr. & Miss Talent was the centre of attraction of the event. A total of 112 participants rocked the stage in a stunning style and energise the whole programme. There were three rounds including ramp walk. A panel of 3 judges found it extremely difficult to choose the winner based on introduction, task & Q/A round. The exuberant performances of Mr Rohit, Mr. Vashisht Indian Idol short listed Mr. Krishankant, Miss Nikita and Miss Shivani was fabulous and entertaining. Miss Anjali Meena was crowned as Miss Fresher and Mr. Nikhil Khirad won the title of Mr. Fresher 2016. Result was announced by our Vice Principal Dr. D.K. Verma in a unique style which added zing to the whole show. Dr. Surendar Sharma thanks to all seniors for their genial presence and gave appreciation & expressed his gratitude to all participants, team members and volunteers.

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