Pallavan 2016-Fresher Party (Department of Commerce & Arts)

Every day starts with rising of the Sun but Saturday 19/11/2016 was a day of sun took with it fun, frolic, happiness and rejuvenation. Yes, it was the occasion when ‘Pallavan’ freshers party 2016 for new subodhians was organized by Department of Arts and Department of Commerce where seniors and juniors chilled out the stage with fabulous performances. A little lifting music, solo &duet songs, synchronized dances, enthusiastic plays, mimicries and poems entertained the whole session. Fresher’s radiant the fashion show, which was the part of attraction for audience. This fashion parade is included with task and questionnaire rounds that captured the attention to the show. It started with lamp lightening by Vice Principal Dr. D.K. Verma and he ended up the programme by announcing the result. Mr. Amit Choudhary got the title of Mr. Fresher and Miss Anju was crowned as Miss Fresher.
Dr. R.K. Sharma and Dr. Alpana Saxena expressed their gratitude to all the participants, volunteers and team members .

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