National Conference on Sustainable Chemicial & Material Sciences (SCMS-2016)

The conference witnessed participation by delegates from various institutions all over India Eminent scholars and dignitaries from DRDO Delhi, DMSRDE Kanpur, Delhi university, CSIR Hyderabad expressed their views on materials sciences as a vast subject in general , polymer technology , gold nanoparticles, environmental aspects of biomolecules etc.
Inaugural function was started with Lamp lightening by chief guest, Prof JP singhal ji, Sh SS Bothra sir, , Sh Vinod Lodha ji, Dr. M Thirumal, Principal sir and conference convener. Principal Prof. KB Sharma sir, gave his welcome address.
Honorable VC, University of Rajasthan Sh. JP singhal ji enlightened all of us with his valuable and precious thoughts. He spoke that development and achievement of science had led solutions of many problems but at the same time its judicious use is very much desirable. He also explained on relating the Patanjali Yoga with science for its effective and controlled use.
The Program was blessed by presidential address by Sh SS bothra ji, Honorable Secretory of Shikha Samiti. Introduction of SCMS 2016 was given by convener Dr. Rashmi Nair.
Keynote speaker of function. Prof M Thirumal. From university of Delhi, spoke about the progress of material science and the impact of modern material on our day to day life. He also discussed the challenges involved in science in discovery of more sophisticated and specialized materials and their impact on environment and material sustainability.
Vote of thanks was delivered by Sh Vinod Lodha ji, joint secretary, Subodh Shiksha Samiti. After inaugural ceremony first plenary section was arranged. The session was chaired by Dr RB Sharma, DRDO, New Delhi.
Prof Shrikant Kukreti discussed the environmental aspects of biomolecules. He said that impact of environment on the chemistry of the life processes facilitated by biomolecules including our genetic make-up has long been a topic of discussion for researchers.

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