Alumni Association

The institution maintains a strong bond with its alumni and seeks their feedback on curriculum as well as other functional aspects of institution to provide better services to the society. Alumni contribute towards curriculum design through formal and informal meetings with their Alma Mater; well placed alumni keep the institution informed regarding the needs of society and job market.
The institution is benefitted at large through the involvement of its stakeholders in the process of curriculum design. Through the suggestions received from them the curriculum is timely updated to meet out the demands of the society and in turn help the students to get well placed in the market. The presence of industrial experts and prominent academicians help us frame the syllabus as per employers’ requirement and to synchronise it with emerging trends in the field of research.
The institution has an active Alumni Association which maintains close contacts with its alumni. The association fosters and strengthens the bond of affinity between the alumni and the Institutional framework. The ex-students, who have already set high standards in the society provide suggestions for the betterment of the institutional curriculum.

  • Alumni meet is a healthy tradition of our institution and is organized at the end of each session to enrich the curriculum.
  • The formal and informal discussions with the alumni give us valuable suggestions regarding the up gradation of curriculum.
  • Many times, the meetings with alumni in an informal way also provide us the feedback regarding the emerging trends in the industry.

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Activities of Alumni association during last four years

  • Annual Meeting: The Alumni association holds its annual meeting on regular basis. The general development report of the college is presented to them by the convener of Alumni Association Committee. The committee discusses various developmental aspects which could be applied for the benefits of the students and the college.
  • Appraisal Meeting: The office bearers of Alumni association hold their appraisal meeting every year in the month of July. Various developmental works that had been taken up in the college is discussed during the annual meeting. Further to this, representative of college staff presents during the meeting discussed the road map for proposed developmental works and get the feedback on the same. Sponsorships are also provided by them to the college.

Some Alumni Occupying Prominent Positions:

S.No.NameMobile no
2.SH. PRABHATI LAL JAT9950444225
3.SH. RAJESH KARNAL9828572615
5.DR. VIKAS BAIRATHI9784456521
6.PT. SH. SURESH MISHRA9829067883
7.SH. MAHESH SHARMA9828055351
8.SH. VINAY MISHRA9950168839
9.SH. P.C. JAIN9413489701
10.SH. PRADEEP SHARMA9414457148
11.SH. KISHORE KUMAR TAK9314873711
14.SH. NEERAJ PATHAK9414654860
15.SH. RAM CHANDRA SINGH9829212182
17.DR. AMIT VYAS9414044741
18.DR. FARAH DEEBA9602441167
20.SH. HARISH YADAV9829011183
21.SH. AMIT SHARMA9660694444

Overall contribution of Alumni Association:

  • Alumni Association contributes generously towards the development of the Institution.
  • Association provides with their feedback and suggestions to help improve the curriculum to suit the present day job requirements.
  • They have maintained a cordial environment between them and the students.
  • They have also helped in transferring the knowledge and sharing their experiences with the students. They are invited as experts to deliver guest lectures from time to time.
  • Alumni have been supportive in the placements of their juniors by hiring them, providing the details of the job opportunities in their organization as well as in other organizations where they have contacts in. They also provide their referral whenever and wherever required.
  • Since the college is more than sixty years old and the most popular amongst the private aided colleges affiliated to University of Rajasthan, it has been alma mater of successful and well known academicians, bureaucrats, intellectuals and entrepreneurs. This speaks of the brand value of the college and our students reap the benefit of the same as they get the support of such renowned alumni.
  • The Subodhians get an edge over the students of other institutions when they appear for interviews in any public or private sector organization in Rajasthan as the credibility of the Institution is vouch for by the stakeholders and the society together resulting in high acceptability of our students.
  • It is a matter of immense proud that the college caters largely to the rural students who after completion of their studies play a big role in uplifting their respective villages.