Autonomous Examination Results (UG & PG) Main/Back/Due

The students of the following classes are hereby informed that their results are being displayed. You can access your results through your respective Roll No’s. Any discrepancies with regard to your result you could contact Room no. 135 with a written application.
The students whose results have been declared are to apply for online revaluation within 15 days from the result declared date .

UG/PG Courses Examination Results Jan 2022

B.A. Pass Course Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.A. Hons. Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.Com. Hons. Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.Com. EAFM Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.Com. ABST Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.Com. BADM Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.Sc. Hons Chemistry Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.Sc. Hons Maths Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.Sc. Hons Physics Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.Sc. Pass Course Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.B.A. Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
B.C.A. Main/BackI/III/VClick Here
M.A./M.Sc. (Geography) Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.A. History Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.A. Pol. Sci. Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.A. Public. Admin Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.A. (JMC) Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.A. English Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
MSW Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Com. ABST Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Com. EAFM Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Com. BADM Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Sc. IT Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Sc. Chemistry Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Sc. EVS Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Sc. Maths Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Sc. Physics Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Sc. Botany Main/BackI/IIIClick Here
M.Sc. Zoology Main/BackI/IIIClick Here

UG/PG Courses Examination Results August 2021

M.A. (GEOGRAPHY) Reval.IIClick Here
M.A. (ENGLISH) Reval.IIClick Here
MSW Reval.IIClick Here
M.COM. (BUS. ADM.) Reval.IIClick Here
M.COM. (EAFM) Reval.IIClick Here
M.SC. (CHEMISTRY) Reval.IIClick Here
M.Sc. (Environment Science) Reval.IIClick Here
M.SC. (MATHS) Reval.IIClick Here
M.SC. (PHYSICS) Reval.IIClick Here
M.SC. (Zoology) Reval.IIClick Here
B.A. Pass Course Reval.IIIClick Here
B.Com. Reval.IIIClick Here
B.Com. Hons. (ABST) Reval.IIIClick Here
B.Sc. Hons. Chemistry Reval.IIIClick Here
B.Sc. Hons. Physics Reval.IIIClick Here
B.Sc. Pass Course Physics Reval.IIIClick Here
BBA Reval.IIIClick Here
BCA Reval.IIIClick Here
B.A. Pass Course Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
B.A. (Hons.) Geography Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
B.Com. Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
B.Com. (Hons) EAFM Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
B.Com. (Hons) ABST Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
B.Com. (Hons) BADM Main/Back IV/VIClick Here
B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
B.Sc. (Hons) Physics Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
B.Sc. (Hons) Maths Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
B.Sc. Pass Course Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
B.B.A. Main II/IV/VIClick Here
B.C.A. Main/Back II/IV/VIClick Here
M.A./M.Sc. Geography MainII/IVClick Here
M.A. History Main/BackII/IVClick Here
M.A. Political Science Main/BackII/IVClick Here
M.A. Public Admin. Main/Back/ImproveII/IVClick Here
MAJMC Main/BackII/IVClick Here
M.A. English Main/BackII/IVClick Here
MSW MainII/IVClick Here
M.Com. ABST MainII/IVClick Here
M.Com. BADM MainII/IVClick Here
M.Com. EAFM MainII/IVClick Here
M.Sc. IT MainII/IVClick Here
M.Sc. Chemistry MainII/IVClick Here
M.Sc. Physics MainII/IVClick Here
M.Sc. ENVS Main II/IVClick Here
M.Sc. Botany MainII/IVClick Here
M.Sc. Zoology Main/BackII/IVClick Here
P.G.D.C.A. Main/BackIIClick Here

Note*: - The online marks displayed is only informative in nature and this is not the final document.