Extension Activities and Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR)

S.S. Jain Subodh P. G. (Autonomous) College is emerging as one of the premier institution of higher learning and play a vital role in fostering social responsibility among its students. We realize that the purpose of education is not just preparing the students to earn a livelihood but more so to make them good citizens and above all good human beings. Values of caring and sharing with the under privileged are one of the important elements to be inculcated through education. It is our collective responsibility to empower the underprivileged to become self reliant so that they can live with respect and dignity. The institution encourages a lifelong journey of community service. Institutions’ Community Service Scheme provides the students an opportunity to understand the community; identify its needs and problems as well as the solutions in which they can be involved by assuming social and civic responsibilities. Institutions’ Education/ Research/Extension are based upon the basic human values to help community as a whole to lead a successful life in changing our neighborhood society which is also the surviving strength of our institute.

Environment Consciousness

Sustainability is the key to secure future and the youths are the custodians of future. As per the ardent demand of the current scenario and keeping importance of youth’s role for environment sustenance, the Institution has ignited and raised the level of environment consciousness among youths and made them responsible towards the conservation and preservation of the green environment, through its curriculum, extension activities and all consistently required efforts in this direction.
Department of Environmental Sciences plays an active role in not only promoting environmental consciousness among the stake holders community of the institution but also in promoting environmental conservation among society in general. Activities like green audit and no-plastic campaigns etc. were launched and conducted by faculty and students from Green Club, an initiative of department of Environmental sciences. The department has signed MoUs’ with the following NGOs’ working in the field for promotion of environmental protection:

  • Enkay Enviro Services Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur
  • J. M. Environet Pvt. Ltd.
  • AQURA Labs Pvt. Ltd. , Jaipur
  • Satya An NGO, Jaipu

Eco-Friendly Campus

The Institution is aware of its social responsibility and makes special efforts to inculcate environmental consciousness amongst its students. The institution believes that knowledge of environmental degradation and means to check it will lead to affirmative environmental action.
To address the environmental issues and to make its premises eco-friendly, the institution has focused on three major points:

  • Identification of factors that affects Environment
    The institution is managing a good environmental balance and making every effort to maintain and achieve the environmental targets including the activities to recognize the environmental issues and the impacting factors. Green audit reports help in finding such factors.
  • Making students, stakeholders and society, conscious about the Environment, its protection, conservation and sustenance
    The institution takes the responsibility to conserve and environment through various activities like cleanliness drives, green campaign, NSS activities etc.
  • Introduction of Environmental concepts into curricula
    The Institution has introduced courses like M. Sc. in Environment Science, PG Diploma in Industrial Safety, Health and Environmental Management, Environment Science as a compulsory paper at UG level and projects relevant to environment issues at UG and PG level, to fulfill the aim of spreading environment consciousness among youth of today.

E-Waste Management

E-Waste is hazardous to the environment and health of people and it needs to be recycled and disposed in appropriate ways. The Institution has taken appropriate measures for e-waste management. Efforts for E-Waste Management:

  • Tie-up with ETCO, Jaipur, an e-waste recycler company.
  • Most of the e-waste of the college like non-working computers, monitors and printers are discarded and scrapped on a systematic basis and handed over to e-waste recycler company, ETCO.
  • E-waste collection drop box for collecting small sized electronic waste has been kept in the Computer Science Department and in front of the Staff Room. Students and staff deposit are regularly reminded to deposit e-waste into them.
  • The Department of Environment Science organizes Cleanliness Awareness Drive every year to make students aware of the hazards of E-Waste.

Green Audit

Green Audit helps in using natural resources judiciously and mapping the consumption pattern and wastage, the Institution makes an effective use of green audit and thus, the consumption and the resultant wastage within the premises is minimized in different processes through various efforts. The Green Audit includes :

  • Assessment of the energy consumption with a view to reducing the consumption of non-renewable energy and assessing the possibility of tapping alternative energy sources.
  • Assessment of the amount of daily water consumption on the campus and locating damaged pipes and defective taps to arrest water shortage.
  • Survey of the Campus to maintain a record of Flora available.
  • Assessment of Waste generated and its disposal.
  • Effort made by the Institution in this direction are:
    • Conduction of Green Audit
    • Formulation of the action plan for the next academic year in order to have better environmental sensitization
    • Implementation of suggestions on natural resources, energy and waste management
    • Promotion and maintenance of eco-friendly campus
    • Review of environment related initiatives which are implemented
  • The institution has constituted a Green Audit Committee comprising faculty coordinators of Green Club run by Department of Environmental Science and NSS and an external member from NGO working in the area. They perform following green audit supporting activities:
  • Green audit of the Institutional premises is carried out by the Green Club periodically by supervising the maintenance of the existing trees and locating places for plantation of new trees.
  • Areas are assigned by the Institution to NSS, Green Club and the Department of Botany for maintaining the plants and trees within the Institutional premises and other approachable areas in the city.
  • The Institutional infrastructure carrying the concept of open air gallery and a direct view to the green lawn from every room, serves as a soothing background for Institutional activities.
  • Green audit is conducted by B.Sc. and M. Sc. Environment Science and Botany students as a part of their environmental awareness project course work. Students with the help of the faculty members of their department conduct green audit and compiled report is submitted to the institution.
  • The institution has conducted the energy audit, water audit and waste audit as the parts of the green audit of the premises.